If you don’t know, Ashley Horner is a famous athlete and trainer who releases a variety of training programs tailored to each individual person’s needs. Whether it’s high intensity training for a seasoned athlete, or at-home workouts for new moms, she has a trainer for everyone. Also, she’s a badass,

Ashley-HornerUsually, her trainers cost money, and from what I understand (and the results I’ve seen), they must be totally worth it. BUT, for those of us on a tight budget, and that just want a little extra guidance when working out – Ashley Horner released a new training program that’s available on Bodybuilding.com.

She’s put together a 6-week, intermediate training routine and nutrition plan that’s COMPLETELY FREE. I jumped on it immediately, and while I’m currently not going 5 days a week, she’s not only given me fresh ideas for my workouts, but has inspired me to continue to work hard.

Get started now with Ashley Horner’s Charlie Mike Training Program. For a quick glimpse of what Ashley and Charlie Mike are all about, or if you don’t plan on working out at all (you know who you are), and just want to see how awesome this girl is – watch this video.