I feel like I just have to mention that the Kpop group, BTS, are by far the best dancers in Kpop.

While they are on the younger side, I can’t help but swoon every time I watch their videos. With unbelievable body control, I watch their videos and mentally hashtag dancegoals on the regular.

First, I recommend watching their performance intro (note, it repeats several times from different angles, which you can watch if you want (I did), but for those of you with shorter attention spans, once is probably enough).

Once you’ve watched that, I think it’s best if you enjoy their best music video, (in my humble opinion), called Dope. It’s catchy as hell, and again, their dancing is on point – Kpop choreography/dance performances always makes me want to take a dance class – anyone want to take a class with me?? haha. I’m kidding, sorta…