Rain, also known as, Jung Ji-hoon is a Korean singer-songwriter, actor and producer. I stumbled across some of Rain’s music videos early on in my Korean adventures, and I’ve been a fan ever since.

Born in 1982, he’s closer to my age, so I feel less creepy having a big, fatty crush on him. I only knew him for his music originally – via these two music videos that I never get tired of.

Ok, so now that you’ve seen some of his videos – you can see why I’m into him right? Regardless of your age, tell me you’re not feeling 30 Sexy right now? He’s got the moves, and he’s a little manlier than some of the other Kpop stars out there…especially with that fake kiss mark on his cheek…haha. Also, look at his shoes in all of these videos – I’m jealous.

I predict lots of rain in this week’s forecast – maybe even flood levels.

In addition to music, Rain is also in a lot of K-Dramas. The first, and only, K-Drama I’ve seen him in so far, is My Lovely Girl – also known as She’s So Lovable.

In the show, he plays a music producer (not a lot of acting needed there), that faces tragedy, and then eventually finds his way back to the music…and love. Ooo la la. I always like K-Dramas with a musical element, so that’s definitely something I like about this one.

Like many of these shows, it is so, so, so, good and then I felt like the end was a little rushed, but I still liked it. It was definitely more emotional than some dramas, and I definitely cried during a few parts. I won’t spoil anymore of it for you though, in case you decide to dive into this one.

You can watch it for free on DramaFever, but I also posted the first episode for you here.

Like many successful Korean singer/actors, Rain has a lot of fans. I even read a quote from Megan Fox crushing on him,

“There is this Korean Justin Timberlake named Rain, and I’m really on his situation now. I’m trying to fix this up. I’m working hard.”

I despise Megan Fox, so I hope that Rain never falls victim to her nastiness. #sorrynotsorry