One of the best Kdramas that I’ve seen is The Heirs – this show features Lee Min-Ho (previously from Boys Over Flowers), and Park Shin-Ye (previously from You’re Beautiful), that are both referenced in earlier posts on my blog.

Since I was in San Diego/Carlsbad last week for work, I figured I’d write an article about this drama since a section of it also takes place in California.

It’s another coming-of-age Kdrama that faces issues in schools and with social standing, etc. It’s a little more modern, so as you can see in the images, Lee Min-Ho’s hair is waaayy better in this one (he’s the one in the middle in the image below).

I won’t give away any of the plot of this drama, but, I will tell you that it’s full of juicy love triangles, betrayal, family expectations, etc. It’s the perfect combination of ingredients to produce an excellent dish full of flavors.

Speaking of love triangles, this Kdrama introduced me to Kim Woo-Bin, who you love to hate, but mostly love. While he plays the antagonist, I love his dramatic eyebrows (he sort of has a T.O.P thing going on), and so I’m eager to watch some of the future movies and dramas he’s in.

Anyway, just look at these two beautiful dudes, it’s hard not to watch this one!

I also read that Lee Min-Ho recently celebrated his 10 year anniversary as an actor, which is quite the accomplishment. You can read the full article here, which provides details about his charity work, and the full version of his 10th anniversary video.

I can’t wait to see what Lee Min-Ho will bring in the next 10 years, but I definitely plan to keep up with him!

Here’s a clip of Lee Min-Ho and Kim Woo-Bin facing off in The Heirs (spoiler alert, this is from episode 11, so if you plan on watching this drama, I wouldn’t watch the video below). As always, you can watch the full drama totally free on DramaFever.