…is it possible that Korean Reggae is actually decent?

I ran across SKULL – who on many websites is described as South Korea’s lone reggae artist. Just writing that cracks me up.

That being said, according to his Facebook page, SKULL is fresh off of his two-year stint in the Korean army (every guy eventually has to serve in the military there), and has redefined his purpose in life. He is now dedicated to Mother Earth and Social Activism – of course, OF COURSE HE IS.

With the release of his new album, and here I’m quoting this, because it is simply too good to change in any way:

“[SKULL is] currently recording his new CD with Digital Riddims Inc. which will pull no punches calling truth to power and heating up the airwaves with righteous fire.”

Truth to power and heating up the airwaves with righteous fire? Hilarious.

Anyway, this song is really catchy for some reason, and it COULD just be that the hot Florida temperatures and generally weird culture have tainted my musical tastes…but, just listen to it and let me know what you think. I think Sizzla (who is featured in this song), is actually what makes it, if I’m being honest…