I realized after looking at my blog, I’m severely lacking in girl power – but, to be honest, the dewey, doe-eyed, wilting flower style that reigns supreme in Korean pop culture simply doesn’t resonate with me (plus, with how androgynous a lot of the guys in Kpop are, the guy groups kind of provide everything you need all-in-one…just sayin’).

I’ve always liked tougher females, and not in a creepy feminist way – but, I grew up with brothers, swear frequently and like to be inappropriate – so, “bad girls” are typically more my style.

Originally from the girl group 2NE1, CL (Lee Chae-Rin) has quickly become my favorite, female Korean pop idol. She still performs with 2NE1, but has released a lot of solo projects, including collaborations with Diplo, Riff Raff, Skrillex, Psy, G-Dragon, etc. To me, she is the Korean equivalent to Missy Elliott here in the U.S., always pushing the envelope, changing up her style, etc. Some of her major influences include Lil’ Kim (it’s so obvious!), Queen, Madonna and Lauryn Hill.

Below are two of my favorite of CL’s solo videos – in her Baddest Female video she has some of the coolest jackets/outfits, and she inspires me to go to thrift stores and find some way weirder stuff and wear it all on the regular.

In case you’re feeling the ladies today, below I’ve also decided to share one of my favorite 2NE1 videos. Additionally, I’ve also added a quick meme-inspired clip of the same video with the no no no cat added in….perfect.