It’s about time that I get to writing about my bias (my true Korean boyfriend), T.O.P.

I’ve been avoiding writing this article, because it’s almost like, where do I begin? That being said, T.O.P is an international treasure, and I can’t keep him to myself any longer – I have to share him, it’s just the right thing to do.

T.O.P (Choi-Seung-hyun) is a rapper, singer-songwriter and actor from South Korea. He is a member of the Kpop band Big Bang (who celebrated their 10-year anniversary on the 19th), and has also appeared in multiple dramas and films. Additionally, he’s been collecting art for years, and will be soon curating his own art show in the coming months. What can’t this guy do?

Below you can find his song Doom Dada, one of his solo endeavors, as well as a more recent collaboration he did with G-Dragon called, Zutter.

On paper, this guy is a total dynamo, but even more than that – he is the absolute embodiment of a villain, with his perfect eyebrows, deep voice, and unmatched confidence. At first, I liked T.O.P, but it wasn’t until I researched him more awhile back, that I truly became obsessed with him.

He’s into really inspiring visual art, has unique style – and you can really get a sense of his inner-villain when you watch the promo video for his upcoming art show (FYI, this is one of the first times Sotheby’s will allow an independent collector to create and curate a collection, no big deal, right guys?).

While T.O.P may seem like he’d always be cool, calm and collected – he’s actually hilarious. Anytime I watch behind the scenes footage of him, he’s goofing off and making the rest of Big Bang laugh.

I’ve looked for some choice videos of him showing his true personality that I really think you’ll enjoy…I didn’t make these videos, so I apologize for the editing in advance (it’s not great).