Whether you’re into Gogol Bordello, or if you ever listened to punk music in high school (maybe you still do, I do…), the Korean punk band Crying Nut is a great and refreshing way to revisit the genre.

Crying Nut originally became active in the early ’90s as a lot of Koreans were being exposed to new music for the first time.

Due to the new political freedom in South Korea, many of the early Korean punk bands began to incorporate various styles of music with their own unique Korean style, forming their own genre called Chosun Punk (Joseon Punk), referencing their inherent duality.

Because of how influential this movement in music was, Joseon Punk is often considered to be the beginning of independent music in Korea.

Below I’ve added my favorite Crying Nut song (at least so far) for you to enjoy….let me know what you think!

Crying Nut has toured extensively around the world, and has even played at SXSW on several occasions. What I really love about them is that not all of their songs sound the same, and they have a guy who plays the ACCORDION. I know there are girls out there who like singers or guitar players, but give me an accordion man any day!

Also, did I mention that they’re weird? I love weird, and they’re the perfect blend of weird and fun.

Here are a few more of their songs to give you a better idea of what they’re like: