Note from Bea – this article is 100% Spoiler Free!

Is anyone else dying to watch the next episode of Food Wars!? Because I got on the anime train later than most, I’ve had the luxury of binge watching most anime series from beginning to end. I did that with the first season of Food Wars! and it was nothing short of delectable.

Now that I’m finally watching the second season as it is airing, I’m reminded of how difficult it is to wait for the next episode, pair that with the fact that I’m already very impatient, and you can imagine my mix of anticipation and frustration.

Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma is an anime that blends the excitement of a cooking competition with slice of life/coming of age themes.

What I really enjoy, is that they seamlessly blend the two so that you not only get to learn the ins and outs of their ingredients and cooking techniques, you also fall in love with the wide range of characters featured in the show.

Rather than focusing solely on the main character, Yukihura Soma, a middle school boy who spent his childhood working in his family’s diner (don’t get me wrong, he is still very much the main character), you instead get invested in the entire cast of characters.

This is great, because it allows the show to surprise you, instead of relying on predictable writing that always leads the hero through trial, and eventual, success. It makes the show far more entertaining and relatable.

The show also combines just the right mix of ingredients (i.e. comedy, drama and hilarious fan service), that keeps you emotionally invested without leaving you exhausted.

I can’t help but get hungry as the characters battle to create the best dishes – they even make the food look irresistible.

In case you’re wondering what I mean by fan service, this is a technique often used in anime where they add scenes specifically designed to excite and titillate the audience. In this show, all the fan service comes as a result of enjoying the “umami” that comes from tasting incredible food.

I don’t know how you feel about fan service, but in this particular instance I find it over-the-top and hilarious in a way that makes it less creepy and more fun. Plus, I really love food, and this really takes enjoying your food to the next level…

Will Yukihira hone his cooking skills and someday surpass his father? Which students will become part of the Elite 10? Do you think Yukihara will find romance with any of the lovely girls at his culinary school? Will I decide to make some of the delicious recipes featured on the show myself?

I don’t know, I guess I’ll have to just wait until tonight’s new episode….*sigh*

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