Well, ladies and gentleman, YG Entertainment has done it again.

Their latest debut features Mino from Winner and Bobby from iKON (MOBB) to create the first hip hop duo for the entertainment group since GD&T.O.P.

You have to understand, with GD&T.O.P’s experience, there is really no comparison here. However, I always look forward to up-and-coming artists, and I’m excited to see what these guys put out in the future.

Both new videos have that very distinct YG vibe, and the Full House video includes a CL cameo.

What I will say, especially about Full House, is that it has a distinctly more Western feel to it in comparison to a lot of what’s coming out right now. I noticed the same thing with CL’s latest release Lifted, as well as EXO’s new song Lotto.

What do you guys think about the more Western sound?

I think a lot of the Korean entertainment groups are finding out that in order to transition to the U.S., they have to cater a little more to what we’re used to. I have mixed feelings about this, as, I always thought the difference in Korean entertainment was incredibly refreshing; yet, at the same time, I do want them to be successful, so I guess do your thing, guys (or girls).

Side note, don’t you think Mino (first gif, or on the right in the second gif) has a real GD-thing about him? Wow, this NOT comparing them to GD&T.O.P is getting more and more difficult…

Anyway, if you’re unfamiliar with Mino or Bobby’s respective groups (Winner and iKON), here are links to a song from each:

Disclaimer, I’ve never been a huge Winner fan, so this is the best song they have, but it’s still eh for me. I’m a WAY bigger fan of iKON, but maybe that’s just me!