One of my favorite things to do is let myself go down the rabbit hole on YouTube – especially when I’m looking for new and fresh jams. This week, I found a particularly talented artist called Yoon Jong-Shin, who doesn’t seem to have a set musical style at all – every song is unique and different (in a good way).

The first song that caught my attention is his August release called Age – because hello, accordion again. Basically, if it reminds you of a carnival or is creepy in any way, I’m going to like it. I also enjoyed the video, and I love the gross faces he makes – there’s something cute about it, haha.

The second song is his July release called Empty City with Gaeko – and is completely different. Perfect for driving, working, chilling or anything else – whatever the case – I’ve just really been vibing this song.

So who is Yoon Jong-Shin (other than the cute-teacher-in-the-kdrama-type)? He’s a singer/songwriter from South Korea, born on October 15, 1969.

Along with countless other accomplishments, he released his first album in 1991, and has been releasing new music ever since.

His newest musical outlet is his monthly project series that allows him to release at least one new song every month as a pseudo musical diary. Sometimes they are solo projects, and other times he partners with other idols and musicians.

What I love about this is that he essentially provides a window into what he’s feeling at the moment AND you don’t have to wait a year or more for new content.

This plays well into two parts of my personality: 1. I almost always listen to music based on my mood and 2. I’ve very impatient.

Basically, unless this guy starts releasing garbage after years of success, I’ve got a new musical outlet to look forward to every month, and I’m pretty excited about it.

Here are some of his monthly projects from 2016:

JANUARY: The First – w/Tablo from Epik High (other than the first two I shared, this one is the best IMO).

FEBRUARY: Chocolate w/SEVENTEEN Vocal Unit (‘80s ballad feels).

MARCH: Old School.

APRIL: Billy.

MAY: Over Sleep – w/Ken from VIXX (High School Dance).

JUNE: No Meaning – w/Hanhae & KittiB – (2nd favorite).

SEPTEMBER: NEW RELEASE – cute and perfect for Fall.