So, like many of you, I adore Halloween. I love as things change from Summer to Fall, how pumpkin-everything fills store shelves and how all things spooky somehow feel that much better.

I’m already super into horror movies and creepy things, so this time of year is typically a time I like to celebrate.

To get myself in the mood (wink wink), I’ve decided that this year I’m going to do a countdown of Kpop songs that have different creepy themes that we can enjoy all the way up until Halloween.

This first week, I’m going to wet your whistle with a carnival-themed music video from Block B – enjoy….if you dare…(insert evil laugh here).

One thing I’ve noticed, is that there are A LOT of Kpop songs that have creepy things, but they often either don’t make sense or the song doesn’t really fit the video at all. I thought Block B did a great job of being weird enough in this, that for me, it worked.

If you plan on having a Halloween party this year, I think this would be a fun song to add to your playlist that can set the mood without being too dark.

Speaking of being dark, here is a creepy clown prank video that is sure to have you paranoid the next time you’re anywhere alone…