YG Entertainment is heating things up once again with the debut of their new girl group Blackpink. Making their first appearances in the later half of 2016, these girls give me the feels that I’ve been missing since 2NE1 has been on hiatus. With the recent confirmation that 2NE1 will be disbanding permanently, I find myself even more thankful for Blackpink’s emergence.

Comprised of four gorgeous girls, I love this group because once again, they aren’t so sweet that it makes me sick, instead they have that quintessential edge that comes with YG’s style. But seriously, are there prettier humans? These babies are essentially perfect. The group members consist of three Korean girls (Jisoo, Jennie and Rosé) and the first ever non-Korean (Taiwanese) artist accepted into the YG family (Lisa).

My favorite song of theirs so far is ‘Playing with Fire,’ and I’ve had it playing on repeat since the release. I definitely think it’s worth the watch/listen, so let me know what you think!

I did some research, and I discovered that their debut singles hit number one on the Billboard World Digital Songs chart and were the fastest act to do so, and only the third Korean artist to hold the top two positions after Psy and Big Bang. Get it, ladies!

All of the songs they’ve released so far are incredibly catchy, and I find myself getting a lot of style inspiration from them. I mean, there are only so many girl groups you can watch in mini skirts and bras before you’re like, “ok, seen it.” One thing that I’m particularly drawn to is how bright their wardrobe is – I see a lot of mixed patterns, which if you know me, I absolutely adore. If somehow I could get Lisa’s entire wardrobe without spending a fortune (and in my actual size, not baby Korean sizes), then I’d be set.

I also think they have better choreography than some other girl groups – while it is sometimes repetitive, it is still more unique than other groups that essentially prance around and shake their hips in heels while wearing the aforementioned mini skirts and bras. Sorry, I know I should be more supportive of the Korean girl groups, but frankly, it’s so hard! So, whenever I find some ladies I can get behind, it’s nice to actually gush about them.

If I had to choose, my Blackpink bias is definitely Lisa. I think she is absolutely stunning, and I just can’t get enough of her. Her smile is contagious and she still has a rough side. So street, yet lovable, Lisa is bae. Just look at her:

Anyway, here are two of their other songs they released in 2016 – both are very good. Boombayah is more dancy, while Whistle is both dirty and sweet at the same time. Once you’ve listened to these, you’ll surely be calling “Oppa” and makin’ him “Whistle like a missle, bomb bomb.” Just watch them and you’ll know what I mean…