Oddly, I haven’t written about EXO yet, even though I regularly listen to them. These guys are among some of the heavy-hitters in k-pop, and since their debut they continue to win awards and the hearts of their fans.

Before I go into more about them, watch this video – originally released in 2012, it’s definitely one of their older videos. But seriously, this video has it all – a story, chanting, dancing, special effects, shiny clothes and a metal-yet-tribal-dance-break-bridge. What else do you really want (or can you even get) out of one music video?

Tell me that you weren’t surprised about all that went into that video? I almost don’t even know where to begin; regardless, let’s talk about it.

The video has a movie intro, the guys have supernatural abilities, the dancing is pretty good and the one dude is wearing shimmery hammer pants.

When they first started dancing at the beginning of the video, I thought to myself, “holy shit, get it!” So, I really appreciate how strong the first part of the song is. Some of the more traditional boy band-ness of the song isn’t my favorite, but I still really like it.

What was that tribal bit that happened after the dance break? WHAT DOES IT MEAN!?!?

EXO is technically a Chinese-Korean group that is based in Seoul and was originally comprised of 12 members (that’s a lot) EXO-K and EXO-M, performing in Korean and Mandarin respectively.

Some media outlets have called EXO, “the biggest boyband in the world,” and have even described them as being “at the forefront of pop domination, with knife-point choreography seamlessly gelled to songs crafted by some of the world’s most gifted writers and producers, honed by their myriad of personalities and talents.”

While I agree that they are talented, I have to argue that BTS might very well be better at dancing, and BigBang still reigns supreme overall. What do you think?

To be honest, I haven’t done as much research on EXO yet, as I don’t know any of their names, etc., but songs like this and many of their recent releases have definitely caught my attention.

Perhaps with T.O.P’s departure, I’ll end up making more room for some of these k-pop oppas – I suppose only time will tell.

Did you like this EXO song? Here are a few of their more recent songs to quench your k-pop thirst: