BTS released their newest video on Sunday titled ‘Not Today,’ and it is everything that’s good in the world. I happened to be looking at my phone the instant the song was released, and before I had even left to go to the gym, I had already watched the video 4 times.

Speaking of the gym, this song is particularly good for a workout as it really pumps you up – I imagine it would also be good if you had some big challenge ahead of you and you need to get your mind right – just blast this song, and who knows what you’ll accomplish.

To sum this video up, it has all the things I’m looking for in a good music video: a killer beat, incredible dancing, and most importantly, ninjas. Enjoy!

Obviously, this video is a gem. It’s an incredible light amidst the Winter darkness. It’s everything I needed to have a great week this week, and so far, I am. Anytime I think something is gonna kill my vibe, I just cheesily think to myself, “not today” + some choice expletives (if I’m being honest).

I know some of you might be tired of hearing more about BTS at this point, but I’m not the only one who has been enjoying their videos this much. The video for ‘Not Today’ has already shattered two previous records.

BTS’s ‘Not Today’ now holds the record for the most viewed k-pop group video in 24 hours with an insane¬†10,979,502¬†views the first day. While several hundred of those might be attributed to me, loving fans and ARMY’s everywhere are proving their dedication with this one.

As if shattering that first record wasn’t enough, this BTS video is also the fastest k-pop video to reach 10 million views – reaching that number only 21 hours and 37 minutes after the video’s release! So exciting.

I hoped you enjoyed that video as much as me (if that’s even possible), but, in case you’re really enjoying your Winter blues and this song just isn’t your vibe right now, BTS also released another video in the last week; ironically called ‘Spring Day,’ this song is a little more sultry and emotional, making it absolutely perfect for a bottle of wine and a chill night at home.