If you’re unfamiliar, I suggest you keep a close eye on Rap Monster – while he is a member of BTS, in just the last year, I’ve seen him mature tremendously.

The improvement of his English, his flow and his voice overall is striking. I can’t wait to see how he continues to grow – I’m hoping that to some degree, he can fill the void that T.O.P has left behind. While I know that’s not truly possible, I am curious to see what Rap Monster becomes.

On Sunday, Rap Monster’s most recent collaboration with Wale was released, and I’m so excited to share it with you. Wale has been particularly active in the music scene since he was discovered and signed by Mark Ronson in 2006 – a very talented Nigerian-American from D.C., Wale has collaborated with a variety of artists including Lady GaGa and even had one of his songs featured in the video game Saints Row 2.

Do yourself a favor and take a listen to Rap Monster and Wale’s new song below:

It’s not often that I like a song the first time I listen to it – even some of my favorite K-pop hits over the last few years have typically taken me a few listens before I’ve been really into them.

I liked this song the first time i heard it, which says a lot. I have a deep attachment to any of the music I like, and it usually reflects a particular mood I’m in – so, I either listened to this song at the exact right time/moment in my life, or it’s really just that good.

Maybe it’s the mix of lo-fi beats with trending hip-hop techniques that got my attention first, combined with nicely timed flows – as of late, I’ve heard some pretty awfully timed Korean rap, and I was worried I was going to find more of the same here, but was pleasantly surprised.

How about the ending (at approx 3:36) though? That’s probably my favorite part – so trill, right?

I’m sure you can feel the political vibe of this song, though, I would say it’s done better than what I feel was a forced attempt by the Gorillaz earlier this year, with their song, ‘Hallelujah Money,’ that I didn’t love, and I felt was released mostly for publicity.

One other interesting thing about this song, is that it’s all in English, which has some A.R.M.Y’s (BTS’ fan group) upset – I think it’s misplaced, but, from what I’ve read, most are remaining supportive instead of throwing unnecessary shade.

Overall, the song tackles current issues we all face on a daily basis with lyrics like, “Kill people with fingers on Twitter, more than a gun, more than a knife, the tip of your tongue just glitter,” or “I’m tryin’ to keep it a hunnit, got no faith in the government.” But, rather than leaving the situation bleak, the song promotes progress and change that starts with each of us individually…

“I believe that real friends love you to no limit (yeah)
I believe that real change lies in the mirror (yeah)”

“Take it day by day, night by night
It’s on you and me if I’m gon’ shine
Not stoppin’ day by day, night by night
It’s on you and I.”