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Upcoming & Past Talks

An up-to-date lists of talks I have given, or will give.

Upcoming Talks

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Past Talks

Pride Summit Lesbians Who Tech 2024

GenAI heightens the need for both AI and security experts to come together. But given their widely diverging views on technology, risk acceptance, and more, can Security and AI ever see eye to eye? We will go over the lessons learned at Okta, and recommend concrete actions for efficient, and durable integration of AI, Engineering, and Security teams.

European Identity & Cloud (EIC 2024)

Bots are a scourge on customer identity and access management systems before, during and after the login process. How can we use the power of AI to find malicious bots and protect users while minimizing friction? This session presents real-life examples of bot attacks, AI-based bot mitigation techniques, quantifies their efficacy, and explores what’s next for AI in cybersecurity.

AI vs. Security Summit

  • Title: The evolution of identity in AI, ML, and GenAI.
  • 🎥 Watch here

Everyone is using AI now, including security attackers. Threats to your organization’s infrastructure and data are getting more effective and less detectable than ever, thanks to generative AI tools like ChatGPT. That’s on top of the usual villains like nation-state attacks, ransomware groups, human error, and bad IT security hygiene. Now’s the time to get up to speed on the latest AI-powered threat actors and learn how to fight fire with fire with intelligence-driven security.

Black Hat Webinar

  • Title: The evolution of AI, ML, and genAI in Identity products and solutions
  • 🎥 Watch here

How have AI and Machine Learning been traditionally used in Identity? How has the landscape dramatically evolved with the introduction of Gen AI in identity and cybersecurity? We cover the leading use cases for Gen AI in identity (e.g. auto-generated entitlements, identity insights, identity lifecycle remediation, improving the customer identity experience, reducing login restrictions and workflow automation).

Identity, Authentication and the Road Ahead Policy Forum 2024

  • Panel: AI is Here - What does It Means for Identity?

As part of a panel on AI and Identity Policy, I answered questions regarding the impact of AI for identity, as a threat and as a mean for a more secure future. My main take-away for policy and industry specialists is the crucial importance of supporting the use of AI in attack detection and protection, and the need for greater collaboration between security and AI experts.

Conference on Applied Machine Learning for Information Security (CAMLIS 2023)

  • Title: Detecting SQL Injection Attacks using Machine Learning

Our full paper propose a simple, efficient, and effective method using a large real-world data set of URL requests to build a language mixture model. While this work is academic, a particular attention has been given to the production constraint of a real-world system. Our paper is available here.

CAMLIS 2023 Poster Session