Monsta X recently released their newest song ‘Beautiful,’ and I admit, as I was waiting for it’s release – I was hesitant.

Would it be another ballad? For the love, I can’t handle another whiny Korean ballad – actually, I just can’t handle another whiny ballad, period. I get that life is hard, but being sad all the time? No thanks.

Anyway, I could immediately tell this song would be far from a downer, so, I thought to myself, “ok, I’m in.” I have the most riveting conversations with myself, don’t you think?


At first, the song promised to be a heavy hitter, with great beats and choreography, but then the chorus hit….

The best way I can describe the chorus is almost like a dream – or the way the movie The Neverending Story makes a young child feel – sort of like peering into another world, or something.

No clue what the story in this video is – in fact I’ve watched the video multiple times, and I keep ignoring anything but the choreo – if i’m being honest. I guess I just know what I like! I will say that these guys ARE beautiful (and glittery?), and those high notes? Swooon.

I’ve been a big fan of Monsta X since early on in my K-pop obsession, and I always loved the first song of theirs I heard called, ‘Hero,’ but because it was an older song, I kept thinking it didn’t really fit in with my posts about the newest music I’ve found.

Now that they’ve released a truly notable, new song, I figure that I can finally share this older song with you, too. Who doesn’t like a two-fer? I really love the rooftop concept and the choreography in this next video. It’s also insanely catchy, and I find myself using it to get pumped up while I workout, clean, etc.